Herefordshire Railway Walks

Herefordshire Railway Walks

The image at the top of the page shows the start of the Bromyard and Leominster line beneath the Downs and Warren Wood.

Thirteen unique walks to download and enjoy

These thirteen walks (see below) are part of an archive consisting of nearly 150 routes in and around Herefordshire which were conceived, tried, tested and put into print by local writer Garth Lawson. They appeared every month for more than twelve years in The Hereford Times. Maps have been updated and routes checked in the spring of 2021. The historical and topographical background of each walk can be found on this website.

Alongside nationwide plans to open up the course of old railway lines for recreation, there are exciting local plans to re-open the one between Worcester, Bromyard and Leominster. One of the prime movers, Tom Fisher, says "It's a fantastic route through beautiful countryside and the idea would be to create an all-purpose route for the use of walkers, cyclists and horse riders; it would be economically beneficial to the area. This is a complex and challenging project but we have been encouraged by the wide-ranging support we have received.” We take a look that way at Rowden Mill and Fencote stations on our timetable. There are also four walks along the dreamy Hereford, Ross and Gloucester line, three which closely follow in the wake of the Monmouth Bullet in the outstandingly beautiful Wye Valley, two to the Kington and Eardisley and one each to the Leominster and Kington and Ludlow and Clee Hill.

Downloading the walks

Each walk can be individually downloaded as a pdf from the relevant page. They are all free, but in exchange we would ask for a donation to The Alzheimer's Society. How much you choose to donate is entirely up to you.

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